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NOTE: The majority of Benevolent's members moved to Rift in February of 2011.
A few members stuck with RoM until late 2011, but the guild has since disbanded.

Benevolent is a guild on the Palenque server (US) for Runes of Magic.
We pride ourselves on the loyalty and maturity of our members. 
We work together, help each other, and are continually running endgame content.
Our members agree that we are not just a guild, we are a family...

We're an adult only guild (18+).
Although we have made two exceptions in the past for very mature teens. We always avoid the young teen players, as they usually bring too much drama and pathos to the party. We don't need that kind of stress.

We have a strict "no-drama" policy.
We're all playing for fun, and nothing kills a guild like whining, back-stabbing, smack-talking, and the like... so we always boot those who can't play like mature responsible adults. Because we are selective in our recruitment, this is seldom a problem.

We have a mandatory Ventrilo policy.
Not only is Ventrilo crucial for siege war command, and smooth dungeon runs, I find it is essential to a healthy guild, to be able to actually talk with one another. Typing messages in chat does not bring people together or strengthen interpersonal bonds like Ventrilo does.

Attitude and Action
Loyalty to a guild means you're not just joining to see what secrets you can learn, and what gear you can roll on. We don't drag lower levels through dungeons over and over handing out free gear. We expect members will work and grind for their own gear, and gold. To this end, we continually form and reform "progression groups". These progression groups consist of similar level players, who are put together as a team, trained how to run an instance, and are then left to do just that.

Generosity to the guild, and it's members is always repaid in kind. Selfishness is also noticed, and also repaid in kind. Peer pressure works very well to keep us working as a team... looking out for each other, and helping everyone achieve their goals in the game.

Does this describe you?
If you feel that these policies match up with your idea of the ideal guild family, then you are welcome to join Benevolent at any time. We have no level restrictions, as quality players can be found at all levels. Simply contact me or any of our officers in game, and we can get you set up. Thanks for considering Benevolent.

Kaelani - Guild Leader of Benevolent (Palenque-US)
27 October 2010

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